School Council

The School has a fully elected School Council which gives the children a voice in the decision-making process. At the beginning of the year each class elects a representative, who takes the views of their class to the regular Council meetings.

If you have an idea that you think could improve the school or something you are not happy with, remember you can talk to your school councillor who will raise it at the next council meeting. Each class has regular meetings with their school councillor so that every child has the chance to find out what is being discussed at school council meetings.

Each term the school council also has a 'council symposium' where they meet with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors to talk about how things are going in school and to share any new ideas for school improvement.

What has the school council achieved recently?

  • They have taken part in health and safety checks and given feedback to our Site Manager so he can keep the school safe.
  • They have renamed the 'bully box' to the 'worry box'.
  • They have introduced a 'friendship box' so we can share examples of people being kind across the school.
  • They advised Mr Bowen to purchase new interactive whiteboards for classrooms
  • The council helped to update the behaviour policy so that parents are kept better informed

The Suggestion Box

Thanks to some boys in year six, we now have a suggestion box in the school reception. This is another way for you to put forward your ideas for making our school even better. The suggestions go to the school council who will discuss them at their meeting. 

Please click on the idea lightbulb to see some of the suggestions that have been made and what we have done about them. 

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