Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

White polo shirt with school logo*

White blouse or poloshirt with school logo*

Dark grey school trousers or shorts (not black) Dark grey skirt, trousers or culottes (not black)
Navy sweatshirt with school logo* Navy sweatshirt or sweat cardigan with school logo*
Boys PE Kit Girls PE Kit
Plain or shadow stripe navy shorts* Plain or shadow stripe navy shorts*
Sky blue t-shirt with school logo* Sky blue t-shirt with school logo*
Trainers Trainers
A dark coloured tracksuit for Games in winter A dark coloured tracksuit for Games in winter
Boys Swimming Kit Girls Swimming Kit
Plain blue or black trunks Plain blue or black one piece swim suit
Swimming hat* Swimming hat*

We rely on parents' support with regard to the maintenance of good standards of dress, and the standard in school is high. Jeans, hot pants and mini-skirts may not be worn.   Children must wear sensible, low heeled plain black school shoes; trainers, dolly shoes, doc martins or Ugg type boots are not permitted. Sensible, low heeled sandals that attach firmly to the foot are permitted in the summer. Socks or tights must be worn with all types of footwear.

Please ensure that all items are named so that they can be returned to the correct owner if lost.

All items marked with a * are availableto order on line from Brigade Clothing www.brigade.uk.com.  They also sell reversible fleece/waterproof jackets and rucksacks with our school logo, and other small items. We also hold a small stock of uniform, and we sell swimming hats from the office.   The PTA handles all uniform orders for us on a weekly basis.

Ordering Uniform

Our preferred method for ordering uniform is via the on line service direct from the manufacturer, which can be accessed through this uniform link

We also hold a small stock in school; forms are available from the office or complete this  order form


For reasons of safety and security NO jewellery other than watches and stud earrings may be worn, and no responsibility is accepted by the school for the safe keeping of valuables.

In line with the Hampshire Safety Policy children must remove all earrings for all PE lessons, and take responsibility to keep them safe in their personal trays during the lesson. When ears have been newly pierced the studs may be kept in and covered with surgical tape. This reduces the risk but does not make the situation safe. We ask you to provide the tape and again expect the children to take responsibility for keeping and applying it.